The Regional Impacts of Climate Change

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Annex H: Authors, Contributors, and Expert Reviewers of the Regional Impacts Special Report

Vicente Barros University of Buenos Aires, Department of Atmospheric Sciences
Marcelo Cabido Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (CONICET), Instituto Multidisciplinario de Biología Vegetal
Osvaldo F. Canziani Instituto de Estudios e Investigaciones (IEIMA)
Rodolfo Carcavallo Department of Entomology
Sandra Diaz Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (CONICET), Instituto Multidisciplinario de Biología Vegetal
Gillermo Funes Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (CONICET), Cátedra de Biogeografía
Juan Carlos Labraga Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (CONICET)
Carlos A. Rinaldi Instiuto Antarctico Argentino
Walter M. Vargas University of Buenos Aires (IEIMA)
Ernesto F. Viglizzo Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (CONICET)
Klaus Radunsky Austrian Federal Environmental Agency
Shokri Ghanem Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
N. Abel CSIRO Wildlife and Ecology
M.P. Austin CSIRO Wildlife and Ecology
S. Barlow Bureau of Resource Sciences
M. Barson Bureau of Resource Sciences
Bryson Bates CSIRO
P. Beggs Macquarie University
D. Bennett Hassall and Associates
D. Black NSW Dept. of Land and Water Conservation
R. Braaf Macquarie University
R. Braithwaite CSIRO Tourism Research Program
R. Buxton CSIRO Wildlife and Ecology
J. Carter Queensland Department of Natural Resources
J. Conroy University of Western Sydney
Elizabeth Curran Bureau of Meteorology
S. Davies University of Adelaide
L. Dobes Bureau of Transport and Communication Economics
Terry Done Australian Institute of Marine Science
M. Finlayson Environmental Research Institute
Roger M. Gifford CSIRO
Angela Gillman Environment Australia
Habiba Gitay Australian National University
Dean Graetz CSIRO Office of Space Science and Applications
N. Hall Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Kevin Hennessy CSIRO Atmospheric Research
N. Holbrook Macquarie University
David Hopley James Cook University
Mark Howden Bureau of Resource Sciences
B. Hunt CSIRO Atmospheric Research
W. Kininmonth Bureau of Meteorology National Climate Centre
Miko Kirschbaum CSIRO Forestry and Forest Products
T. Koslow CSIRO Division of Fisheries
S. Lake Monash University
S. Li Macquarie University
J. Lutze CSIRO Plant Industry
N. Marshman Technical Services Australia (RTZ/CRA)
Gregory M. McKeon Queensland Department of Natural Resources
Roger McLean Australian Defence Force Academy
Heather McMaster Macquarie University
R.E. McMurtrie University of NSW
A. Moore CSIRO Plant Industry
Neville Nicholls Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre
Ian Noble Australian National University
A. Norton Charles Sturt University
W. Osborne University of Canberra
Barrie Pittock CSIRO Climate Impact Group
Neil Plummer National Climate Centre
P. Reyenga Bureau of Resource Sciences
H. Ross Australian National University
H. Schaap Electricity Supply Association
D. Smith Australian National University
M. Stafford Smith CSIRO Wildlife and Ecology
W. Steffen GCTE Core Project Office
R. Suppiah CSIRO Atmospheric Research
Robert Sutherst CSIRO Division of Entomology
R. Taplin Macquarie University
Brian H. Walker CSIRO Wildlife and Ecology
George R. Walker Alexander Howden Reinsurance
Y-P. Wang CSIRO Atmospheric Research
P. Waterman Environmental Management Services
Peter Whetton CSIRO Division of Atmosphere Research
D. White Agro-Ecosystems Consulting
Jann E. Williams Charles Stuart University
T. Yonow CRC for Tropical Pest Management
M.Q. Mirza University of Waikato
Leonard Nurse Coastal Conservation Unit
Renate Christ European Commission
Martín de Zuviría  
Carlos C. Cerri Universidade de Sao Paolo
Cleber Galvao  
F. Andrey University of Waterloo
Mike Apps Canadian Forestry Service
M. Brklacich Carleton University
Ross Brown Environment Canada
Denis D'Amours Department of Fisheries and Oceans
F. Diamond Environment Canada
Kirsty Duncan University of Windsor
Larry Dyke Natural Resources Canada
Anne Gunn Government NorthWest Territories
Bob Jefferies University of Toronto
Grace Koshida Atmospheric Environment Service
John Legg NRCan
Abdel R. Maarouf Environment Canada
Jay Malcolm University of Toronto
Dave Martell University of Toronto
Barrie Maxwell Atmospheric Environment Service
Linda Mortsch Environment Canada
Terry Root Environment Canada
Brian Stocks Canadian Forestry Service
Roger B. Street Atmospheric Environment Service
Hague Vaughan Canada Centre for Inland Waters
Andrew J. Weaver University of Victoria
Patricio Aceituno University of Chile
Humberto Fuenzalida-Ponce Universidad de Chile
Terence Lee Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
Ding Yihui China Meteorological Administration
Liu Chunzhen Hydrological Forecasting and Water Control Center
Lin Erda Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Su Jilan Second Institute of Oceanography
Costa Rica  
Marcos Campos Comision Centroamericana de Ambiente y Desarollo
Cote d'Ivoire  
Sekou Touré ENSTP
Lino Naranjo Diaz Ministry of Science, Technology, and Environment
Ada L. Perez Institute of Physical Planning
Antonio J. Lopez Almiral Ministry of Science, Technology, and Environment
Luis R. Paz Ministry of Science, Technology, and Environment
Elias Ramirez Cruz Ministry of Science, Technology, and Environment
Leda Menendez Carreras Institute of Ecology and Systematics
Avelino G. Suarez Institute of Ecology and Systematics
Czech Republic  
Ivana Nemesova Institute of Atmospheric Physics
Mohamed El-Raey Institute of Graduate Studies and Research
Timothy Carter Finnish Meteorological Institute
Kaija Hakala Agricultural Research Center
Timo Karjalainen European Forest Institute
Peter Kuhry Arctic Center
Richard Delécolle Unite de Bioclimatologie
Wolfgang Cramer Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Georg Hörmann Kiel University
Venugopalan Ittekkot University of Hamburg
Ferenc Toth Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Amrita Achanta Climate Change Secretariat (UNFCCC)
Murari Lal Centre for Atmospheric Sciences
S.K. Sinha Indian Agricultural Research Institute
Aprilani Soegiarto Indonesian Institute of Sciences
Sri Soewasti Soesanto Health Ecology Research and Development
Bohloul Alijani  
Uriel N. Safriel The Blaustein Institute for Desert Research
R. Welcomme FAO
Hideo Harasawa Center for Global Environmental Research
Nobuo Mimura Ibaraki University
Tatsushi Tokioka Japan Meteorological Agency
Masatoshi Yoshino Aichi University
Olga Pilifosova Climate Study Laboratory
K.A. Edwards UN Environment Programme
S.H. Mwandoto Kenya Meteorological Department
Joseph Kagia Njihia Kenya Meteorological Department
Laban J. Ogallo University of Nairobi
H.W.O. Okoth-Ogendo The National Council for Population and Development
Peter Usher UN Environment Programme
Suam Kim Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute
Byong-Lyol Lee National Institute of Agricultural Sciences and Technology
Lim Joo Tick Malaysian Meteorological Service
Mohamed Ali Ministry of Planning, Natural Resources, and Environment
Carlos Gay-Garcia Environment Department
P. Grace International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center
Ana Rosa Moreno Pan American Health Organization
Sharad P. Adhikary Water and Energy Commission Secretariat
New Zealand  
Reid E. Basher National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research
Bruce D. Campbell AgResearch Grasslands Research Centre
Blair Fitzharris University of Otago
J. Gibb Coastal Management Consultants
S. Hales Wellington School of Medicine
John Hay The University of Auckland
C. Hickey National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research
R. Ibbit. National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research
Gavin J. Kenny University of Waikato
R.Kirk University of Canterbury
Dick Martin Crop and Food Research Institute
Piers McLaren Forest Research Institute
N. Mitchell University of Auckland
T. Murray National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research
L. Paul National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research
J. Renwick National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research
Richard Warrick University of Waikato
H. Weinstein Wellington School of Medicine
David Whitehead Landcare Research
D. Wilson Crop and Food Research Institute
D. Wratt National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research
Alastair Woodward Wellington School of Medicine
Larry F. Awosika Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research
Egil Sakshaug University of Trondheim
Papua New Guinea  
Graham Sem University of Papua New Guinea
Eduardo Calvo Concejo Nacional del Ambiente
Rex Victor Cruz University of Phillipines
Kira I. Kobak State Hydrological Institute
Andrew D Dlugolecki General Accident, Fire, and Life Assurance Corp.
Amadou Bachirou Diop Ministère de l'Equipement
Sierra Leone  
Ogunlade Davidson University of Sierra Leone
Poo Poo Wong National University of Singapore
Andrej Kranjc Hydrometeorological Institute of Slovenia
Zoran Stojic IBE Consulting Engineers
South Africa  
Timm Hoffman National Botanical Institute
Alec Joubert University of the Witwaterstrand
A.C. Kruger South African Weather Bureau
Robert Scholes CSIRO
David le Sueur University of Natal
Colleen Voegel University of the Witwatersrand
Ana Iglesias Ciudad Universitaria
Ulf Molau University of Goteberg
Mats Oquist University of Agricultural Sciences
I. Colin Prentice University of Lund
Benjamin Smith University of Lund
Martin Beniston University of Fribourg
Hartmut Grassl World Meteorological Organization
John Innes Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research
Charit Tingsabadh Chulalongkorn University
The Gambia  
Bubu P. Jallow Department of Water Resources
The Netherlands  
Richard Klein Vrije Universiteit, Institute for Environmental Studies
Rik Leemans National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection
Pim Martens Maastricht University
Richard S.J. Tol Vrije Universiteit, Institute for Environmental Studies
Pier Vellinga Vrije Universiteit, Institute for Environmental Studies
Eric L. Edroma Uganda Institute of Ecology
United Kingdom  
Nigel Arnell University of Southampton
Thomas E. Downing University of Oxford
David Drewry NERC
Michael Hulme University of East Anglia
Sari Kovats London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Anthony McMichael London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
John Mitchell Hadley Center
Robert Nicholls Middlesex University
Jim Skea University of Sussex
David Viner University of East Anglia
Eric Wolff British Antarctic Survey
United States  
Richard Adams Oregon State University
Richard Ball Department of Energy
Susan Bassow Office of Science and Technology Policy
Heather Benway National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Paul Berkman Ohio State University
Julio Betancourt U.S. Geological Survey
Suzanne Bolton National Marine Fisheries Service
Jerry Brown International Permafrost Association
David J. Campbell Michigan State University
Lee De Cola U.S. Geological Survey
Doug Demaster National Marine Fisheries Service
Barbara Allen-Diaz University of California, Berkeley
Paul Desanker Michigan Technological University
Robert Dixon U.S. Country Studies
David Jon Dokken IPCC Working Group II TSU
Linda Duguay National Science Foundation
Jerry Elwood Department of Energy
Paul R. Epstein Harvard Medical School
John Everett National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Paul Filmer National Science Foundation
Penny Firth National Science Foundation
Ann Fisher Pennsylvania State University
Filippo Giorgi National Center for Atmospheric Research
Miquel A. Gonzalez-Meler Duke University
Christy Goodale University of New Hampshire
James A. Graham USAID/CARPE
David Goodrich National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Anne Grambsch Environmental Protection Agency
John F. Griffiths Texas A&M University
Duane Gubler Centers for Disease Control
Ronald Hellman City University of New York
Roger Hewitt National Marine Fisheries Service
Harry J Hillaker, Jr. Iowa State Climatologist
William Hunt Colorado State University
Robert B. Jackson University of Texas at Austin
Anthony Janetos NASA
Jennifer Jenkins University of New Hampshire
Linda Joyce Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station
Sally Kane National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Thomas Karl U.S. Department of Commerce
Barry D. Keim University of New Hampshire
John Kelmelis Department of Interior
Mary Kidwell University of Arizona
Timothy Kittel National Center for Atmospheric Research
Kalee Kreider Greenpeace USA Climate Campaign
Neil Leary U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Alice Welsh Leeds National Science Foundation
Frances Li National Science Foundation
Michael C. MacCracken U.S.Global Change Research Program
Norman MacDonald Certified Consulting Meteorologist
George Maul Florida Institute of Technology
Herman Mayeux U.S. Department of Agriculture
Mack McFarland IPCC Working Group II TSU
Laura VanWie McGrory IPCC Working Group II TSU
David McGuire University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Steven McNulty U.S. Department of Agriculture
Gerald Meehl National Center for Atmospheric Research
Robert Mendelsohn Yale University
Richard Moss IPCC Working Group II TSU
Patrick Mulholland Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Ron Neilson U.S.Department of Agriculture Forest Service
Richard J. Norby Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Dennis Ojima Natural Resource Ecology Labaratory (NREL)
Scott Ollinger University of New Hampshire
Michael C. Oppenheimer Environmental Defense Fund
Florence Ormond IPCC Working Group II TSU
Jonathan A. Patz Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
Charles J. Peckham LMR, Inc.
Wayne Polley U.S. Department of Agriculture
Wilfred Mac Post Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Bradley Reed EROS Data Center
John Reilly U.S. Department of Agriculture
Alan Robock University of Maryland
Michael J. Sale Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Joel D. Scheraga U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Miranda Schreurs University of Maryland
Michael Scott Battelle Pacific NorthWest Laboratory
Clive Shiff John Hopkins University
David Smith Universtiy Museum
Joel B. Smith RCG/Hagler, Bailly, Inc
David Shriner Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Allen Solomon U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Christopher C. Spaur U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Eugene Stakhiv U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Ron Stouffer U.S. Department of Commerce
Kenneth Strzepek University of Colorado
Regina Tannon University Corporation Atmospheric Research
Melissa Taylor U.S.Global Change Research Program
David Theobald Colorado State University
James Titus U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Cynthia Tynan National Marine Fisheries Service
Anandu D. Vernekar University of Maryland
Wei-Chyung Wang State University of New York, Albany
Elizabeth C. Weatherhead National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Thompson Webb III Brown University
Gunter Weller University of Alaska/Fairbanks
Wayne M. Wendland Illinois State Water Survey
Tom Wigley University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Gunter Weller University of Alaska
Mark Weltz U.S. Department of Agriculture
David Yates University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Andrés Saizar Ministry of Housing, Territorial Ordering, and Environment
Rigoberto Andressen University of Merida
Luis J. Mata UNFCCC Secretariat
Martha Perdomo Ministerio del Ambiente
Western Samoa  
James Aston South Pacific Regional Environment Program
Chris H.D. Magadza Universitry of Zimbabwe
Wish Marume Department of Meteorological Services
Shakespeare Maya Southern Centre for Energy and Environment
L.S. Unganai Department of Meteorological Services
Marufu C. Zinyowera Department of Meteorological Services


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