Aviation and the Global Atmosphere Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Footnotes for Residential, Commercial, and Institutional Buildings Sector

1. Relevant cases from the Cases Studies Section, Chapter 16, for Chapter 7 are: Cookstoves (Case 1), Green Lights (Case 2), Inner Mongolia Wind (Case 3), PV in Kenya (Case 5), Butane in Senegal (Case 7), Ladakh renewables (Case 14), CFC-free refrigerators in Thailand (Case 23).

2. See also Chapter 4 on the role of governments in creating enabling environments for technology transfer.

3. See also Chapter 5 on the role of private sector finance, investment and public-private partnerships in the technology transfer process.

4. This (rounded-off) figure is based on the exchange rate from November 1999.

5. See also section on the role of participatory approaches and community groups in the technology transfer process.