Methodological and Technological Issues in Technology Transfer

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5.5 Public-Private Partnerships Public private partnerships are increasingly seen as an effective way in which the public sector can achieve public policy objectives by working with the private sector. For the public sector such partnerships have the potential of harnessing the efficiency of the private sector, as well as overcoming budget restrictions and leveraging limited public funds. For the private sector, they aim to help overcome some of the internal and external barriers which prevent appropriate technology transfer taking place, and to create interesting business opportunities. Central to the concept is the recognition of corporate self-interest, and the opportunity to harness this self-interest to achieve goals such as greenhouse gas reduction.

Public private partnerships can take many forms and involve different entities. From the public sector, they can involve central government departments, agencies, multinational organisations or local government. On the private side, they can involve technology suppliers, technology user or private financiers.

Other reports in this collection

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