Methodological and Technological Issues in Technology Transfer

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5.5.4 Informational Initiatives in Private Finance

The public sector can aim to encourage private finance to be more active in the development, dissemination and transfer of environmentally sound technology through a variety of activities which aim to remove some of the obstacles identified above, without spending large sums of public expenditure. A wide range of initiatives is possible here such as:

  • Providing particular support to environmental businesses on accessing finance to help them in their dialogues with financiers. The US, UK and Canada have all had initiatives in this area.
  • Raising awareness within the financial sector on climate change, through seminars and working groups. Some countries have actively tried to get the financial sector involved in discussions on the appropriate response to climate change.
  • Supporting the activity of some of the industry organisation identified above, and involving them in government consultations.
  • Looking at industry training and regulation to ensure that there is a level of environmental management. Most active in this area have been the multilateral development banks such as the EBRD, who have required banks to develop environmental procedures as part of their financial markets' development programmes. While such activities will tend to emphasise avoiding the worse rather than actively encouraging the use of the best technology. it can still encourage a change in attitude among financial institutions.
  • The lower risks are perceived to be, the cheaper finance will be. The public sector can help reduce risk perceptions by supporting information dissemination, e.g. of successful case studies.

Other reports in this collection

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