Methodological and Technological Issues in Technology Transfer

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Annex 1-1: List of Case Studies in Chapter 16

Case Study 1 Research, Development and Commercialisation of Cookstoves (KCJ)
Case Study 2 Public Promotion of Private Investment in Efficient Lighting
Case Study 3 Inner Mongolian Household Wind Electric Systems
Case Study 4 Hydrocarbon Refrigerator "Ecofrig" in India
Case Study 5 The Commercial Dissemination of Photovoltaic Systems in Kenya
Case Study 6 Coal Power Plants in China
Case Study 7 Butane Gas Stove in Senegal
Case Study 8 The Brazilian Fuel Alcohol Program
Case Study 9 Bamboo Fiber Reinforced Cement Board for Carbon Sequestration
Case Study 10 Demand Side Management (DSM) in Ukraine
Case Study 11 Mitigating Transport Sector GHG Emissions: Options for Uganda
Case Study 12 USIJI as a Technology Transfer Process
Case Study 13 Technology Co-operation in Indonesia for Natural Gas Production
Case Study 14 Rural Electrification using Photovoltaics in Ladakh, India
Case Study 15 Blast Furnace Hot Stove Heat Recovery Technology for Chinese Steel Industries
Case Study 16 Coastal Zone Management for Cyprus: Transnational Technology Transfer and Diffusion
Case Study 17 CFC (ODS) Solvent Phase-out in Mexican Electronic Industries
Case Study 18 Swedish Government Program for Biomass Boiler Conversion in the Baltic States
Case Study 19 Dissemination of Biogas Digester Technology
Case Study 20 Caribbean Planning for Adaptation to Global Climate Change (CPACC): Design and Establishment of Sea-Level/Climate Monitoring Network
Case Study 21 Concrete Armoring for the Coast - Government to Private Sector Technology Transfer
Case Study 22 World Bank/GEF India Alternative Energy Project
Case Study 23 CFC Free Refrigerators in Thailand
Case Study 24 Financing Microhydro Energy Dissemination in Peru
Case Study 25 Tree Growers Cooperatives: A Participatory Approach to Reclaim Degraded Lands
Case Study 26 Carbon Sequestration Benefits of Reduced Impact Logging
Case Study 27 Technology Information Assessment and Dissemination in India
Case Study 28 Medicinal Plants vs. Pharmaceuticals for Tropical Rural Health Care
Case Study 29 ROK-5 Mangrove Rice Variety in Sierra Leone
Case Study 30 Use of Indigenous Technologies in the South Pacific

Other reports in this collection

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