Methodological and Technological Issues in Technology Transfer

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12.2 Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Technologies

Technologies in the forestry sector need a broader definition than in the other sectors. These technologies could include genetically superior planting material, improved silvicultural practices, sustainable harvest and management practices, protected area management systems, substituting fossil fuels with bioenergy, incorporating indigenous knowledge in forest management, efficient processing and use of forest products, and monitoring of area and vegetation status of forests. These technologies can meet several objectives, including conserving biodiversity and watersheds, enhancing sustainable forest product flows, increasing the efficiency of use of forest products, and maximising the resilience of forest ecosystems to climate change, in addition to enhancing sinks. It must be recognised, however that enhancing sinks will not necessarily or automatically lead to such outcomes. Rather, the drive to enhance sinks must be appropriately harnessed through accounting methodologies, and through rules and guidelines for sink activity, which underpin the achievement of these goals. These could be put in place at the national and sub-national levels. Currently there is a lack of information on the adaptation technologies in the forestry sector.

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