Methodological and Technological Issues in Technology Transfer

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12.5 Technology Transfer between Countries

12.5.1 Technologies to be transferred

The categories of technologies likely to be involved in technology transfer between countries are: a) silvicultural practices for high yields, b) genetic stock for planting, c) practices for SFM and Protected-Area Management, d) monitoring and verification of C flows in forestry projects, e) efficiency improvements, f) modelling for projecting changes in carbon stock and forest area, g) fossil fuel substitution techniques, h) agroforestry and i) industrial forest processing. The flows of technologies among non-Annex I countries, as well as between Annex I and non-Annex I countries are equally important. Technology transfer between Annex I and tropical countries could include transfer of R&D infrastructure and capacity, monitoring and verification systems, SFM principles and practices, and efficient harvesting and processing technologies. Technology transfer between the non-Annex I countries (particularly, tropical countries) is crucial as there are many similarities in the their ecological and socio-economic conditions. However, what is critical is that whenever technology is transferred between two countries (often even within a country), it is very important to modify and adopt the technology or the practice to the local conditions.

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