Methodological and Technological Issues in Technology Transfer

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12.5.3 Barriers of Credibility and Uncertainties in Mitigation in the Forestry Sector

Forestry mitigation projects are likely to be largely funded by Annex I countries and implemented in non-Annex I countries and countries with economies in transition (CEITs). Technology, including management systems, is an integral part of all projects funded by bilateral or multilateral or commercial agencies. Thus, promotion of mitigation projects also automatically promotes flow of technology from donor agencies or countries to host agencies or countries. Thus, technology transfer is already happening. Forestry sector options are of relatively low cost compared to those in the energy sector (Sathaye and Ravindranath, 1998). But there are some problems and uncertainties regarding the incremental C abated, its sustainability, its measurement, verification and certification. All forestry sector GHG mitigation projects must ensure that they meet accepted standards for sustainable forest management (Sathaye et al., 1997). An independent international verification and certification of carbon abatement is fundamental to ensure the flow of funding to forestry-sector mitigation projects. Some of the policies and measures for promoting technology transfer according to different pathways are listed in Table 12.5.

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