Methodological and Technological Issues in Technology Transfer

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16.4 Cross-Cutting Issues

A number of crosscutting issues and lessons have been observed that illustrate a variety of successful policy options1. In particular, these issues relate to information, capacity to innovate and utilise technologies, market support, and infrastructural support for the uptake of technologies. In several cases, factors that are known to have contributed to a successful working of advanced technologies include:

  • Information: information and awareness about the range of technologies available in the market and the quality of service these technologies provide;
  • Infrastructure: institutional arrangement to regulate working, monitor performance, and provide service support to ensure efficient performance of the technology;
  • Capacity to Innovate and Use Technologies: including training the technicians using the technologies and maintenance capacity (this includes know-how of the technology as well as access to spares for the upkeep of the equipment); and
  • Market Support: ability of the market to sustain the demand for technology, through adequate financial incentives, and an enabling regulatory structure.

The case studies investigate specific strategies to handle these issues. Four important strategies include subsidies, monitoring the regulatory environment, providing information, and enhancing the capability to choose, adopt, and adapt technologies.

Other reports in this collection

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