Climate Change 2001:
Synthesis Report
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Figure 5-3: Stabilizing CO2 emissions at current levels will result in a continously rising atmospheric CO2 concentration and temperature. Stabilization of atmospheric CO2 and temperature change will eventually require the emissions to drop well below current levels. In all three panels the red curves illustrate the result of emissions held constant at the level prescribed by the WRE 550 profile for the year 2000 (which is slightly higher than the actual emissions for the year 2000), while the blue curves are the result of emissions following the WRE 550 stabilization profile. Both cases are illustrative only: Constant global emissions are unrealistic in the short term, and no preference is expressed for the WRE 550 profile over others. Other stabilization profiles are illustrated in Figure 6-1. Figure 5-3 was constructed using the models described in WGI TAR Chapters 3 & 9.

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