Climate Change 2001:
Working Group I: The Scientific Basis
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Figure 2.5: (a) Annual anomalies of global SST (bars and solid curve) and global night marine air temperature (NMAT, dotted curve), 1861 to 2000, relative to 1961 to 1990 (°C) from UK Met Office analyses (NMAT updated from Parker et al., 1995). Smoothed curves were created using a 21-point binomial filter to give near-decadal averages. Also shown are the equivalent SST anomalies from the SAR dashed curve. (b) Smoothed annual global SST (°C), 1861 to 2000, relative to 1961 to 1990, from USA National Climate Data Centre, Quayle et al. (1999) (thin dashed line, includes satellite data); USA National Centres for Environmental Prediction, Reynolds and Smith (1994) and Smith et al. (1996) (thin solid line, includes satellite data, to 1999 only), and UK Met Office (Jones et al., 2001) (thick line). (c) UKMO SST and NMAT anomaly time-series from a 1961 to 1990 average for the Northern Hemisphere. (d) As (c) but for the Southern Hemisphere. Both for 1861 to 2000.

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