Climate Change 2001:
Working Group I: The Scientific Basis
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Figure 3.6: Partitioning the 1980s land-atmosphere flux for the tropics and the northern extratropics. The residual terrestrial sink in different latitude bands can be inferred by subtracting the land-use change flux for the 1980s (estimated by modelling studies: Houghton, 1999; Houghton and Hackler, 1999; Houghton et al., 2000; McGuire et al., 2001) from the net land-atmosphere flux as obtained from atmospheric observations by inverse modelling for the same period (Heimann, 2001; results from Figure 3.5). Positive numbers denote fluxes to the atmosphere; negative numbers denote uptake from the atmosphere. This calculation is analogous to the global budget calculation in Table 3.1, but now the model results are broken down geographically and the land-atmosphere fluxes are obtained by inverse modelling. The upper and lower bounds on the residual sink are obtained by pairing opposite extremes of the ranges of values accepted for the two terms in this calculation (for example, by subtracting the bottom of the range of values for land-use change with the top of the range for the land-atmosphere flux). The mid-ranges are obtained by combining similar extremes (for example, subtracting the bottom of the range for land-use change emissions from the bottom of the range land-atmosphere flux).

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