Climate Change 2001:
Working Group I: The Scientific Basis
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Figure 5.1: Extinction efficiency (per unit total aerosol mass) and single scattering albedo of aerosols. The calculations are integrated over a typical solar spectrum rather than using a single wavelength.
Aerosols with diameters between about 0.1 and 2 µm scatter the most light per unit mass. Coarse mode aerosols (i.e., those larger than accumulation mode) have a smaller single scattering albedo even if they are made of the same material (i.e., refractive index) as accumula-tion mode aerosols. If the refractive index 1.37 0.001i is viewed as that of a hydrated aerosol then the curve represents the wet extinction efficiency. The dry extinction efficiency would be larger and shifted to slightly smaller diameters.

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Other reports in this collection