Climate Change 2001:
Working Group I: The Scientific Basis
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Figure 8.5: Components of space-time errors of surface air temperature (climatological annual cycle) simulated by CMIP2 model control runs. Shown are the total errors, the global and annual mean error (“bias”), the total r.m.s (“pattern”) error, and the following components of the climatological r.m.s. error: zonal and annual mean (“”); annual mean deviations from the zonal mean (“”), seasonal cycle of the zonal mean (“”); and seasonal cycle of deviations from the zonal mean (“”). For each component, errors are normalised by the component’s observed standard deviation. The two left-most columns represent alternate observationally based data sets, ECMWF and NCAR/NCEP reanalyses, compared with the baseline observations (Jones et al., 1999). Remaining columns give model results: the ten models to the left of the second thick vertical line are flux adjusted and the six models to the right are not. From Covey et al. (2000b).

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Other reports in this collection