Climate Change 2001:
Working Group I: The Scientific Basis
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Figure 9.16: Simple model results: Projected global mean temperature changes when the concentration of CO2 is stabilised following the WRE profiles. For comparison, results with the original S profiles are also shown in blue (S1000 not available). The results are ensemble means produced by a simple climate model tuned to seven AOGCMs (see Appendix 9.1). The baseline scenario is scenario A1B, this is specified only to 2100. After 2100, the emissions of gases other than CO2 are assumed to remain constant at their A1B 2100 values. The projections are labelled according to the level of CO2 stabilisation (in ppm). The broken lines after 2100 indicate increased uncertainty in the simple climate model results beyond 2100. The black dots indicate the time of CO2 stabilisation. The stabilisation year for the WRE1000 profile is 2375.

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