Climate Change 2001:
Working Group I: The Scientific Basis
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Figure 9.4: Intercomparison statistics for seasonal and annual (a) temperature and (b) precipitation changes in nineteen CMIP2 experiments at the doubling of CO2 (years 61 to 80). The total length of the bars shows the mean squared amplitude of the simulated local temperature and precipitation changes averaged over all experiments and over the whole world. The lowermost part of each bar represents a nominally unbiased “common signal”, the mid-part directly model-related variance and the top part the inter-experiment variance attributed to internal variability. Precipitation changes are defined as 100% x (PG-PCTRL) / Max(PCTRL, 0.25 mm/day), where the lower limit of 0.25 mm/day is used to reduce the sensitivity of the global statistics to areas with very little control run precipitation.

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