IPCC Fourth Assessment Report: Climate Change 2007
Climate Change 2007: Working Group III: Mitigation of Climate Change
Figure 3.28

Figure 3.28: Cost-effective agriculture, forest, and commercial biomass annual greenhouse gas emissions abatement from baselines from various 2100 stabilization scenarios (note y-axes have different ranges).

Notes: The colour of the line indicates the 2100 stabilization target modelled: green < 3.25 W/m2 (< 420 CO2 concentration, < 510 CO2-eq concentration), pink 3.25–4 (42–490, 510–590), and dark blue 4–5 (490–570, 59–710). The IMAGE-EMF21 and IMAGE 2.3 forest results are net of deforestation carbon losses induced by bio-energy crop extensification. These carbon losses are accounted for under forestry by the other scenarios. The MESSAGE-EMF21 results are taken from the sensitivity analysis of Rao and Riahi (2006). The GTEM-EMF21 scenarios ran through 2050 and the GTEM agriculture mitigation results include fossil fuel emissions reductions in agriculture (5-7% of the annual agricultural abatement). Scenario references: IMAGE-EMF21 (Van Vuuren et al., 2006a); MESSAGE-EMF21 (Rao and Riahi, 2006); MESSAGE-A2r (Riahi et al., 2006); GRAPE-EMF21 (Kurosawa, 2006); GTEM-EMF21 (Jakeman and Fisher, 2006); and IMAGE 2.3 (Van Vuuren et al., 2007).

Source: Rose et al. (2007)