IPCC Fourth Assessment Report: Climate Change 2007
Climate Change 2007: Working Group III: Mitigation of Climate Change
Figure 3.7

Figure 3.7: Global cropland (a), forest land (b) and grassland (c) projections.

Notes: shaded areas indicate SRES scenario ranges, post-SRES scenarios denoted with solid lines. IMAGE-EMF21 = Van Vuuren et al. (2006a) scenario from EMF-21 Study; IMAGE-MA-xx = Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (Carpenter et al., 2005) scenarios from the IMAGE model for four storylines (GO = Global Orchestration, OS = Order from Strength, AM = Adapting Mosaic, TG = TechnoGarden); AgLU-x.x% = Sands and Leimbach (2003) scenarios with x.x% annual growth in crop yield; GTM-2003 = Sohngen and Mendelsohn (2003) global forest scenario; GTM-EMF21 = Sohngen and Sedjo (2006) global forest scenario from EMF-21 Study; GCOMAP-EMF21 = Sathaye et al. (2006) global forest scenario from EMF-21 Study; GRAPE-EMF21 = Kurosawa (2006) scenario from EMF-21 Study.