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42nd Session of the IPCC


5th Oct 2015 to 8th Oct 2015

Other Information

The conference will be held at The Valamar Lacroma Hotel in Dubrovnik.

Agenda ItemRefresh
    1. Opening of the Session  Show Documents
    2. Approval of the Draft Report of the 41st Session  Show Documents
    3. IPCC Programme and Budget
        3.1. Statement of Income and expenditure
        3.2. Budget for the years 201 5, 2016, 2017 and 2018
        3.3. Any other matters
    4. Admission of Observer Organization
    5. Reports
        5.1. Communication and outreach activities  Show Documents
        5.2. IPCC Scholarship Programme  Show Documents
        5.3. Expert Meeting to collect EFDB and software user  Show Documents
        5.4. Expert Meeting on Scenarios  Show Documents
        5.5. Expert Meeting on Climate Change Food and Agriculture  Show Documents
        5.6. TGICA - 22  Show Documents
        5.7. Expert Meeting for Technical Assessment of IPCC Inventory Guidelines (energy, IPPU, waste sectors)  Show Documents
        5.8. Expert Meeting on decision - centered approaches to the use of climate information  Show Documents
        5.9. Clinic to work through real world cases brought by participants  Show Documents
        5.10. Expert Meeting for technical assessment of IPCC inven tory guidelines (AFOLU sector)  Show Documents
        5.11. Workshop on Regional Climate Projections and their Use in Im pacts and Risk Analysis Studies
        5.12. Update on the decision pathway for consideration of requests from researchers for access to non - public material or meetings
    6. Procedural Matters
    6.1 Conflicts of Interests  Show Documents
    6.2 Credentials  Show Documents
    6.3 Nominations  Show Documents
    6.4 Electronic Voting  Show Documents
    7. Election of the Members if the IPCC Bureau and the Task Force Bureau
        7.1. Elections for the Chair of the IPCC
        7.2. Elections for the Vice-Chairs of the IPCC
        7.3. Elections for the Co - Chairs of the Working Groups and of any Task Force Bureau
        7.4. Election s for the Vice - Chairs of the Working Groups
    8. Implementation of the IPCC Error Protocol  Show Documents
    9. Matters Related to the UNFCCC and other International Bodies
    10. Other Business
    11. Place and Date for the 43rd Plenary Session of the IPCC
    12. Cosing of the Session