Climate Change 2001:
Working Group I: The Scientific Basis
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Figure 3.2: Variations in atmospheric CO2 concentration on different time-scales. (a) Direct measurements of atmospheric CO2 concentration (Keeling and Whorf, 2000), and O2 from 1990 onwards (Battle et al., 2000). O2 concentration is expressed as the change from an arbitrary standard. (b) CO2 concentration in Antarctic ice cores for the past millenium (Siegenthaler et al., 1988; Neftel et al., 1994; Barnola et al., 1995; Etheridge et al., 1996). Recent atmospheric measurements at Mauna Loa (Keeling and Whorf, 2000) are shown for comparison. (c) CO2 concentration in the Taylor Dome Antarctic ice core (Indermühle et al., 1999). (d) CO2 concentration in the Vostok Antarctic ice core (Petit et al., 1999; Fischer et al., 1999). (e) Geochemically inferred CO2 concentrations, from Pagani et al. (1999a) and Pearson and Palmer (2000). (f) Geochemically inferred CO2 concentrations: coloured bars represent different published studies cited by Berner (1997). The data from Pearson and Palmer (2000) are shown by a black line. (BP = before present.)

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