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Chapter 1: Framing, Context and Methods
Chapter 2: Changing State of the Climate System
Chapter 3: Human Influence on the Climate System
Chapter 4: Future Global Climate: Scenario-based Projections and Near-term Information
Chapter 5: Global Carbon and other Biogeochemical Cycles and Feedbacks
Chapter 6: Short-lived Climate Forcers
Chapter 7: The Earth’s Energy Budget, Climate Feedbacks, and Climate Sensitivity
Chapter 8: Water Cycle Changes
Chapter 9: Ocean, Cryosphere and Sea Level Change
Chapter 10: Linking Global to Regional Climate Change
Chapter 11: Weather and Climate Extreme Events in a Changing Climate
Chapter 12: Climate Change Information for Regional Impact and for Risk Assessment

Annexes and Index

Annex I: Observational Products
Annex II: Models
Annex III: Radiative Forcing
Annex IV: Modes of Variability
Annex V: Monsoons
Annex VI: Climatic Impact-Drivers and Extreme Indices
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Annex X: Expert ReviewersDownload


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