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Figure Atlas.10

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Figure Atlas.10 | Schematic representation of theInteractive Atlas workflow, from database description, subsetting and data transformation to final graphical product generation (maps and plots). Product-dependent workflow steps are depicted with dashed borders. METACLIP specifically considers the different intermediate steps consisting of various data transformations, bias adjustment, climate index calculation and graphical product generation, providing a semantic description of each stage and the different elements involved. The different controlled vocabularies describing each stage are indicated by the colours, with gradients indicating several vocabularies involved, usually meaning that specific individual instances are defined in ‘ipcc_terms’ extending generic classes of ‘datasource’. These two vocabularies, dealing with the primary data sources have specific annotation properties linking their own features with the CMIP5, CMIP6 and CORDEX Data Reference Syntax, taking as reference their respective controlled vocabularies. All products generated by the Interactive Atlas provide a METACLIP provenance description, including a persistent link to a reproducible source code under version control.