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Figure Atlas.2

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Figure Atlas.2 | WGI reference regions used in the (a) AR5 and (b) AR6 reports (Iturbide et al., 2020). Asterisks indicate regions that extend across both sides of the map. The latter includes both land and ocean regions and it is used as the standard for the regional analysis of atmospheric variables in the Atlas chapter and the Interactive Atlas. The codes used in the Interactive Atlas are included in the figure. The full description of the regions (grouped by continents) is as follows. North America: NWN (North-Western North America), NEN (North-Eastern North America), WNA (Western North America), CNA (Central North America), ENA (Eastern North America); Central America: NCA (Northern Central America), SCA (Southern Central America), CAR (Caribbean); South America: NWS (North-Western South America), NSA (Northern South America), NES (North-Eastern South America), SAM (South American Monsoon), SWS (South-Western South America), SES (South-Eastern South America), SSA (Southern South America); Europe: GIC (Greenland/Iceland), NEU (Northern Europe), WCE (Western and Central Europe), EEU (Eastern Europe), MED (Mediterranean); Africa: MED (Mediterranean), SAH (Sahara), WAF (Western Africa), CAF (Central Africa), NEAF (North Eastern Africa), SEAF (South Eastern Africa), WSAF (West Southern Africa), ESAF (East Southern Africa), MDG (Madagascar); Asia: RAR (Russian Arctic), WSB (West Siberia), ESB (East Siberia), RFE (Russian Far East), WCA (West Central Asia), ECA (East Central Asia), TIB (Tibetan Plateau), EAS (East Asia), ARP (Arabian Peninsula), SAS (South Asia), SEA (South East Asia); Australasia: NAU (Northern Australia), CAU (Central Australia), EAU (Eastern Australia), SAU (Southern Australia), NZ (New Zealand); Antarctica: WAN (Western Antarctica), EAS (Eastern Antarctica). The definition of the regions and companion notebooks and scripts are available at the Atlas repository (Iturbide et al., 2021). Figure from Iturbide et al. (2020).