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Figure 1.21 | Illustration of common types of model ensemble, simulating the time evolution of a quantity Q (such as global mean surface temperature). (a) Multi-model ensemble, where each model has its own realization of the processes affecting Q, and its own internal variability around the baseline value (dashed line). The multi-model mean (black) is commonly taken as the ensemble average. (b) Initial condition ensemble, where several realizations from a single model are compared. These differ only by minute (‘micro’) perturbations to the initial conditions of the simulation, such that over time, internal variability will progress differently in each ensemble member. (c) Perturbed physics ensemble, which also compares realizations from a single model, but where one or more internal parameters that may affect the simulations of Q are systematically changed to allow for a quantification of the impact of those quantities on the model results. Additionally, each parameter set may be taken as the starting point for an initial condition ensemble. In this figure, each set has three ensemble members.