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Figure 2.28 | Changes in global mean sea level. (a) Reconstruction of sea-level from ice core oxygen isotope analysis for the last 800 kyr. For target paleo periods (CCB2.1) and MIS11 the estimates based upon a broader range of sources are given as box whiskers. Note the much broader axis range (200 m) than for later panels (tenths of metres). (b) Reconstructions for the last 2500 years based upon a range of proxy sources with direct instrumental records superposed since the late 19th century. (c) Tide-gauge and, more latterly, altimeter-based estimates since 1850. The consensus estimate used in various calculations in Chapters 7 and 9 is shown in black. (d) The most recent period of record from tide-gauge and altimeter-based records. Further details on data sources and processing are available in the chapter data table (Table 2.SM.1).