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Figure 4.14 | Time series of global land monsoon precipitation and Northern Hemisphere summer monsoon (NHSM) circulation index anomalies. (a) Global land monsoon precipitation index anomalies (unit: %) defined as the area-weighted mean precipitation rate in the global land monsoon domain (as defined by Wang et al. (2013a) for the CMIP6 historical simulation (1950–2014) and five SSPs (2015–2100). (b) Anomalies in NHSM circulation index (unit: m s–1), defined as the vertical shear of zonal winds between 850 and 200 hPa averaged in a zone stretching from Mexico eastward to the Philippines (0°–20°N, 120°W–120°E; Wang et al., 2013a) for the CMIP6 historical simulation and five SSPs. One realization is averaged from each model. Anomalies are shown relative to the present-day (1995–2014) mean. The curves show averages over the simulations, the shadings around the SSP1-2.6 and SSP3-7.0 curves show 5–95% ranges, and the numbers near the top show the number of model simulations used. Further details on data sources and processing are available in the chapter data table (Table 4.SM.1).