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Figure 5.8 | Multi-decadal trends for the ocean sink of CO2. (a) The multi-decadal (1960–2019) trends in the annual ocean sink (Socean) reconstructed from nine Global Ocean Biogeochemical Models (GOBM) forced with atmospheric re-analysis products (Hauck et al., 2020), six observationally based gap-filling products that reconstructed spatial and temporal variability in the ocean CO2 flux from sparse observations of surface oceanpCO2 (Supplementary Materials 5.SM.2). The trends in Socean were calculated from the mean annual GOBM outputs, and the observational products were used to provide confidence in the GOBM assessments (r2=0.85). Thick lines represent the multi-model mean. Observationally based products have been corrected for pre-industrial river carbon fluxes (0.62 PgC yr–1) based on the average of estimates from Jacobson et al. (2007) and Resplandy et al. (2018). (b) Mean decadal constraints and their confidence intervals for global ocean sink (Socean) of anthropogenic CO2 using multiple independent or quasi-independent lines of evidence or methods for the period 1990–2019 (see Supplementary Materials Tables 5.SM.1 and 5.SM.2 for magnitudes, uncertainties and published sources). Further details on data sources and processing are available in the chapter data table (Table 5.SM.6).