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Figure 5.9 | Comparative regional characteristics of the mean decadal (1994–2007) sea-air CO2 flux (Fnet) and ocean storage of anthropogenic CO2 . (a) Regional source–sink characteristics for contemporary ocean airsea CO2 fluxes (Fnet ) derived from the ensemble of six observation-based products using Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (SOCAT)v6 observational dataset (Landschützer et al., 2014; Rödenbeck et al., 2014; Zeng et al., 2014; Bakker et al., 2016; Denvil-Sommer et al., 2019; Gregor et al., 2019; Iida et al., 2021). Warm colours depict outgassing fluxes and black contours characterize the super-biomes defined from Fay and McKinley (2014) and adjusted by Gregor et al. (2019) also used to calculate the variability in regional flux anomalies (Supplementary Materials Figure 5.SM.1); (b) The regional characteristics of the storage fluxes of CO2 in the ocean interior for the same period (Gruber et al., 2019b). The dots reflect ocean areas where the 1-sigma standard deviation of Fnet from the six observational-based product reconstructions is larger than the magnitude of the mean. This reflects source–sink transition areas where the mean Fnet is small and more strongly influenced by spatial and temporal variability across the products. Further details on data sources and processing are available in the chapter data table (Table 5.SM.6).