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Infographic TS.1

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Infographic TS.1 | Climate Futures. The intent of this figure is to show possible climate futures: The climate change that people will experience this century and beyond depends on our greenhouse gas emissions, how much global warming this will cause and the response of the climate system to this warming.

(top left) Annual emissions of CO2 for the five core Shared Socio-economic Pathway (SSP) scenarios (very low: SSP1-1.9, low: SSP1-2.6, intermediate: SSP2-4.5, high: SSP3-7.0, very high: SSP5-8.5). (bottom left) Projected warming for each of these emissions scenarios. (top right) Response of some selected climate variables to four levels of global warming (°C). Changes in the ‘Today’ column are based on a global warming level of 1°C. (bottom right) The long-term effect of each global warming level on sea level. See Section TS.1.3.1 for more detail on the SSP climate change scenarios. This infographic builds from several figures in the Technical Summary: Figure TS.4 (for top left panel), Figure TS.6 (bottom left), Figure TS.12 (top right) and Box TS.4, Figure 1b (bottom right).