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Frequently Asked Questions from Chapters and Cross-Chapter Papers

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Overarching Frequently Asked Questions

Overarching Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are an outreach material. They are based on the WGII Report and aim to help to interpret its concepts and findings to a broad audience.

FAQ 1: What are the new insights on climate impacts, vulnerability and adaptation from IPCC?Read onlineDownload
FAQ 2: How will nature and the benefits it provides to people be affected by higher levels of warming?Read onlineDownload
FAQ 3: How will climate change affect the lives of today’s children tomorrow, if no immediate action is taken?Read onlineDownload
FAQ 4: How are people adapting to the effects of climate change and what are the known limits to adaptation?Read onlineDownload
FAQ 5: What strategies could increase the climate resilience of people and nature?Read onlineDownload
FAQ 6: What is Climate Resilient Development and how do we pursue it?Read onlineDownload
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