On this page you will find the approved Summary for Policymakers and the Final Draft files for Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability report.

The Technical Summary (TS), the full Report Chapters and Cross-Chapter Papers, the Annexes and the Supplementary Materials are the Final Draft versions, and remain subject to revisions following the SPM approval, corrigenda, copy-editing, and layout. Although these documents still carry the note from the Final Government Distribution “Do Not Cite, Quote or Distribute” they may be freely published, as the report has now been approved and accepted.

Approved Summary for Policymakers

Summary for PolicymakersDownloadFigures

Final Draft

Technical SummaryDownload
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Full report files include the approved Summary for Policymakers, and Final Draft Technical Summary, Chapters, Cross-Chapter Papers and Annexes

Chapter 1: Point of Departure and Key ConceptsDownload
Chapter 2: Terrestrial and Freshwater Ecosystems and their ServicesDownloadSupplementary material
Chapter 3: Oceans and Coastal Ecosystems and their ServicesDownloadSupplementary material
Chapter 4: WaterDownloadSupplementary material
Chapter 5: Food, fibre, and other ecosystem productsDownloadSupplementary material
Chapter 6: Cities, settlements and key infrastructureDownloadSupplementary material
Chapter 7: Health, wellbeing and the changing structure of communitiesDownload
Chapter 8: Poverty, livelihoods and sustainable developmentDownloadSupplementary material
Chapter 9: AfricaDownloadSupplementary material
Chapter 10: AsiaDownloadSupplementary material
Chapter 11: AustralasiaDownloadSupplementary material
Chapter 12: Central and South AmericaDownloadSupplementary material
Chapter 13: EuropeDownloadSupplementary material
Chapter 14: North AmericaDownloadSupplementary material
Chapter 15: Small IslandsDownloadSupplementary material
Chapter 16: Key risks across sectors and regionsDownloadSupplementary material
Chapter 17: Decision-making options for managing riskDownloadSupplementary material
Chapter 18: Climate resilient development pathwaysDownloadSupplementary material

Cross-Chapter Papers (CCPs)

CCP1: Biodiversity hotspots (land, coasts and oceans)DownloadSupplementary material
CCP2: Cities and settlements by the seaDownloadSupplementary material
CCP3: Deserts, semi-arid areas, and desertificationDownload
CCP4: Mediterranean regionDownloadSupplementary material
CCP5: MountainsDownloadSupplementary material
CCP6: Polar regionsDownloadSupplementary material
CCP7: Tropical forestsDownloadSupplementary material


ANNEX I: Global to Regional AtlasDownload
ANNEX II: GlossaryDownload

Tricklebacks and Corrigenda



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