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Figure Cross-Chapter Box CLIMATE.2

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Figure Cross-Chapter Box CLIMATE.2 | Definitions of the 1. 5°C global warming level (GWL) in SR1.5 (IPCC, 2018b) and AR6 WGI (IPCC, 2021a). GWLs are defined relative to 1850–1900 but impacts at the GWL are typically assessed in association with warming relative to a modern period 1995–2014, which in SR1.5 was 2006–2015. Revised assessment of the historical warming between 1850–1900 and the modern period (0.87°C in SR1.5 to 0.94°C in AR6) has the effect of slightly reducing the warming between the modern period and the 1.5°C GWL (0.63°C in SR1.5 to 0.56°C in AR6), and the impacts at the GWL previously defined as 1.5°C in SR1.5 now occur at 1.57°C global warming with the AR6 definition. Warming values are central estimates. Heights of the bars are not to scale.