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Figure 17.1 |  Schematic representation of the climate risk management decision-making process as introduced in Chapter 1 (Figure 1.6) and the key elements of this chapter that address additional aspects of this process. In Chapter 17, climate risk management (middle box) is framed as the iterative response (i.e., what society could do and how it could be done) to the climate risks described in Chapter 16, with outcomes (ideally reduced risk) that can support (or perhaps hinder) climate resilient development, as assessed in Chapter 18. Decision makers from diverse contexts sit at the centre of the climate risk decision-making process and interact with and drive these processes as they play out. The main sections of Chapter 17 (bottom panel of boxes) address a wide range of issues (keywords in bottom panel) that manifest at one or more stages of climate risk management processes, illustrated by icons for section numbers and Cross-Chapter Boxes in the interactive risk management process.