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Figure 2.4 | Global ice cover trends of lakes and rivers.

(a) Spatial distribution of current (light grey areas) and future (coloured areas) Northern Hemisphere lakes that may experience intermittent winter ice cover with climate warming. Projections were based on current conditions (1970–2010) and four established air temperature projections (Data source: (Sharma et al., 2019).

(b) Spatial distribution of projected change in Northern Hemisphere river ice duration under the RCP4.5 emission scenario by 2080–2100 relative to the period 2009–2029. White areas refer to rivers without ice cover in the period 2009–2029 (zero days). Reference period isolines indicate river ice duration in the period 2009–2029. Coloured areas depict loss of ice duration in days. Blue areas depict a projected increase in river ice duration. Grey land areas indicate a lack of Landsat-observable rivers (Data source: (Yang et al., 2020).