Figure caption

Figure 2.9 |  Projected fraction of global terrestrial area that could experience a biome shift by 2100. Shifts due to climate change (filled symbols) or a combination of climate change and LUC (outline symbols), from publications in Supplementary Table SM2.3 (projected vulnerabilities and risks of ecosystems to biome shifts). Filled circles (Bergengren et al., 2011), filled squares (Alo and Wang, 2008), filled diamonds (Gonzalez et al., 2010), filled triangle pointing up (Scholze et al., 2006), filled triangle pointing down (Sitch et al., 2008), filled triangle on its side (Li et al., 2018), filled cross (Warszawski et al., 2013), outlined circle (Ostberg et al., 2018)and outlined diamond (Eigenbrod et al., 2015).