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Figure 4.23 |  Sectoral distribution of documented water-related adaptation responses (observed adaptation) across the 16 categories derived from Figure 4.22. The quantity of evidence is derived from the number of papers in a particular adaptation response category where high is > 40 papers, medium is 10–40 papers and low is < 10 papers. Confidence in evidence relates to the way the article links outcomes of adaptation with the adaptation response. Category 1: studies causally link adaptation outcomes to the adaptation response by constructing credible counterfactuals; category 2: studies correlate responses and outcomes without causal attribution; category 3: studies describe adaptation outcomes without making any causal or correlation claims between adaptation outcomes and adaptation responses. High confidence: more than 67% of the studies fall in categories 1 and 2; medium confidence: 50–67% of the studies are in categories 1 and 2, and low confidence is less than 50% of studies are in categories 1 and 2.