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Figure Box 4.1.2

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Figure Box 4.1.2 | Global Water Security Index (GWSI) and its components for the present day, and factors affecting future change in water security.

(a) Top: a global map of local values of GWSI constructed from the following components with their subjectively weighted contribution to the combined metric indicated in brackets. Middle left: relative effectiveness of water management (15%), comprising a World Governance Index at country scale (itself representing six components: voice and accountability, political stability and absence of violence/terrorism, government effectiveness, regulatory quality, rule of law and control of corruption) and indicators of transboundary legal frameworks and political tensions at a river-basin scale. Middle right: relative accessibility to water services (20%), including drinking water and sanitation. Bottom left: relative water quality and safety (20%), including a Water Quality Index and Flood Frequency Index. Bottom right: relative availability of fresh water (45%), comprising a Water Scarcity Index, Drought Index and the groundwater depletion rate. Data for the components do not apply to the same set of dates but are generally applicable to recent decades up to 2010. White areas indicate no data available for at least one component. For further details, see Gain et al. (2016).

(b) Factors through which climate change or action on mitigation or adaptation could influence water security.