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Figure 8.2 | Summary of confidence on the observed impacts of 23 climate hazards on nine key livelihood resources on which the poor depend most.

(a) A total of 207 confidence statements on the total set of livelihood impacts. Based on a standardised assessment of available literature since the AR5 (IPCC, 2014a), each impact category was assigned a confidence statement based on weight of evidence; high confidence is represented with HC, medium confidence with MC and low confidence with LC. An average numerical confidence score is assigned for impacts from each climate hazard, and for each livelihood resource category, representing total risk.

(b) The ‘high-risk’ cluster of livelihood impacts, where confidence is highest. (c) The spatial distribution of relative confidence. Hotspots represent highest confidence of observed livelihood impacts; however, the absence of spatial information reflects not an absence of observed livelihood risk, but the relative weight of evidence sampled in this assessment exercise.