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Figure 9.4 | Major gaps in climate change research funding, participation and publication exist within Africa, and for Africa compared to the rest of the world.

(a) Funding: Amount of climate change research funding focused on African countries 1990–2020 (Overland et al., 2021). Considering population size, research on Egypt and Nigeria stands out as particularly underfinanced.

(b) Participation: Percentage of peer-reviewed climate change papers on impacts and adaptation published on a given country that also include at least one author based in that country (Pasgaard et al. 2015).

(c) Number of publications of climate change adaptation research focused on individual countries identified from a global sample of 62,191 adaptation-relevant peer-reviewed articles published from 1988–2020 (Sietsma et al., 2021). There is a general lack of adaptation-related research on many vulnerable countries in Africa. Topic biases in adaptation-relevant research also exist where research focuses more on disaster and development-related topics in global south countries (but published by authors from the global north), while research on global north countries focuses more on governance topics (Sietsma et al., 2021).