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Figure 9.6 |  Risks increase with increasing levels of global warming, as shown by this Burning Embers figure for selected key risks from climate change in Africa. Increases in risk are assessed for the levels of global warming above pre-industrial (1850–1900). All three risks are assessed to have already transitioned to moderate risk by the recent level of global warming 2010–2020 (1.09°C). Risks are characterised as undetectable, moderate, high, or very high, and the transition between risk levels as a function of global warming is represented by the colour change of each bar (IPCC, 2021). Vertical lines show the range of global warming for a change in the risk level. The dots indicate the confidence level for a given transition in risk and are placed at the level of global warming that is the assessed best estimate for that increase in the risk level. For the range of global warming levels for each risk transition used to make this figure see Supplementary Material Table SM 9.1.