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Figure CCP2.1

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Figure CCP2.1 |  Archetypal cities and settlements (C&S) affected by ocean, terrestrial, geological, atmospheric and hydrological hazards driven by climate change. Coastal C&S are grouped by physical geomorphology along estuarine, deltaic or open coasts (Barragán and de Andrés, 2015; Kay and Alder, 2017; Haasnoot et al., 2019). C&S are also classified according to relative inequality (e.g., urban Gini coefficient or poverty rates) and growth rates (e.g., recent population growth and increasing density of urban form or built-up areas over the past decade; OECD, 2018; CEIC, 2021; OECD, 2020). Settlement types (e.g., informal, low-density or high-density developments) and economic resources (e.g., urban per capita gross domestic product) are also reflected in their respective categories. The bottom map shows location, 2020 population size and geomorphological types.