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Figure CCP2.2

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Figure CCP2.2 |  Schematic of how climate and ocean drivers (from WGI Chapter (Ranasinghe et al., 2021)) and consequential physical impacts on coastal cities and settlements (C&S) influence risks assessed in (Section CCP2.2; figure based on Simpson et al., 2021, and Section These risks to C&S by the sea are shaped and mediated by adaptation interventions aimed at reducing vulnerability and exposure to coastal hazards given settlement archetypes, as well as by expanding the space for responses to risk via the enabling conditions assessed in Section CCP2.4. Note that exposure to coastal hazards is controlled chiefly by underlying coastal C&S geomorphology and changes in coastal hazards and urban growth, including population and infrastructure growth. Vulnerability is controlled, for example, by socioeconomic development and inequality, and responses that shape the risks assessed in Section CCP2.3 can be enhanced by enabling conditions, including behavioural change, conducive finance and prudent governance.