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Figure CCP5.6

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Figure CCP5.6 |  Risk levels assessed per AR6 WGI reference region (AR6 WGI Atlas (Gutiérrez et al., 2021)). The majority of studies assessed focus on impacts up to mid-century (2030–2060) and for RCP-2.6, RCP-4.5 and RCP-6.0, which was converted into the corresponding warming level range 1.5°C–2.0°C GWL (Cross-Chapter Box CLIMATE in Chapter 1). Methodological details are provided in Section SMCCP5.4, Figure SMCCP5.1, Table SMCCP5.17 and SMCCP5.19. Due to the limited evidence available to determine risks against high GWLs and the relatively high uncertainty associated with future irrigation trends for the second half of the century (e.g., Viviroli et al., 2020), assessment of risks associated with GWLs greater than 2.0°C GWL was not conducted.