On this page you will find all the final files for the Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change report.

Summary Products and Full Report

Summary for Policymakers
Technical Summary
Full report


Chapter 1: Introduction and Framing
Chapter 2: Emissions trends and drivers
Chapter 3: Mitigation pathways compatible with long-term goals
Chapter 4: Mitigation and development pathways in the near- to mid-term
Chapter 5: Demand, services and social aspects of mitigation
Chapter 6: Energy systems
Chapter 7: Agriculture, Forestry, and Other Land Uses (AFOLU)
Chapter 8: Urban systems and other settlements
Chapter 9: Buildings
Chapter 10: Transport
Chapter 11: Industry
Chapter 12: Cross sectoral perspectives
Chapter 13: National and sub-national policies and institutions
Chapter 14: International cooperation
Chapter 15: Investment and finance
Chapter 16: Innovation, technology development and transfer
Chapter 17: Accelerating the transition in the context of sustainable development


Annex I: Glossary
Annex II: Definitions, units and conventions
Annex III: Scenarios and modelling methods
Annex IV: Contributors to the IPCC WGIII Sixth Assessment Report
Annex V: Expert Reviewers of the IPCC WGIII Sixth Assessment Report
Annex VI: Acronyms

Front Matter

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Compiled Report Sections

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Drafts and Review Materials