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Figure 2.16 | Trends and drivers of global GHG emissions, including: (a) trends of GHG emissions by sectors 1990–2019; (b) share of total and per capita GHG emissions by world region in 2019; and (c) Kaya decomposition of CO2 emissions drivers. The Kaya decomposition is based on the equation F = P(G/P)(E/G)(F/E), where F is CO2 emissions, P is population, G/P is GDP per capita, E/G is the energy intensity of GDP and F/E is the carbon intensity of energy. The indicated annual growth rates are averaged across the years 2010–2019 (in panel (c), these are for fossil fuel CO2 emissions only, in order to ensure compatibility with underlying energy data). Note that the energy consumption by itself (primary energy supply) is not part of the decomposition, but is listed here for comparison with the Kaya factors. Source: data from Crippa et al. (2021), IEA (2021c), Minx et al. (2021).