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Figure 8.10: Forecasts of urban land expansion in 2050 and 2100 according to each SSP and AR6 WGIII 6-region aggregation, by study, where A: Gao and O’Neill (2020), B: Chen et al. (2020a), C: Li et al. (2019), D: Huang et al. (2019), E: mean across studies, and F: median across all studies. Three studies (Li et al. 2019b; Chen et al. 2020a; Gao and O’Neill 2020) report forecasts of urban land expansion to both 2050 and 2100. One study (Huang et al. 2019) reports the forecast only to 2050. Global current urban extents and the respective initial years vary slightly among the four studies. Years for values of current urban extent range from 2010 to 2020. See Table 8.1 for the range of data across the four studies and across SSPs. Source: data compiled form Huang et al. (2019), Li et al. (2019), Chen et al. (2020), and Gao and O’Neill (2020).