IPCC Procedures and Background
Compilation of Lists of Potential Coordinating Lead Authors, Lead Authors, Contributing Authors, Review Editors and of Government Focal Points At the request of Working Group/Task Force Bureau Co-Chairs, through their respective Working Group/Task Force Bureau, and the IPCC Secretariat, governments, observer organisations and the Working Group/Task Force Bureaux should identify appropriate experts for each area in the Report who can act as potential Coordinating Lead Authors, Lead Authors, Contributing Authors or Review Editors. To facilitate the identification of experts and later review by governments, governments should also designate their respective Focal Points. IPCC Bureau Members and Members of the Task Force Bureau should contribute where necessary to identifying appropriate Coordinating Lead Authors, Lead Authors, Contributing Authors, and Review Editors in cooperation with the Government Focal Points within their region to ensure an appropriate representation of experts from developing and developed countries and countries with economies in transition.

  1. Nomination Form
  2. Fill out the nomination form
  3. Prepare your CV in English (max 4 pages in PDF format)
  4. Please locate and contact your Focal Point (using the "Focal Point Finder")
  5. Send your nomination to the Focal Point

How does the IPCC select its authors?

All nominations:
Bureau members each indicate their first and second preferences for individuals they would like to see participating in the meeting.
Draft list
The Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) builds up a draft participation list taking into account Bureau members’ preferences and criteria such as scientific, technical and socio-economic expertise, including the range of views; geographical representation; a mixture of experts with and without previous experience in IPCC; gender balance; experts with a background from relevant stakeholder and user groups, including governments.
Final list
The Bureau provides feedback on the draft list prepared by the SSC and the SSC prepares a final list based on Bureau feedback.
The Bureau signs off the participation list subject to final adjustments.
Invitation letters are sent to the selected experts by the Secretariat.

What's it like to be an author?
Contributing as an author
Producing IPCC Reports