Cross-Chapter Box 10. Figure 1

Evolution of hypothetical SRM deployment (based on stratospheric aerosols injection, or SAI) in the context of 1.5°C-consistent pathways.

(a) Range of median temperature outcomes as simulated by MAGICC (see in Chapter 2, Section 2.2) given the range of CO2 emissions and (b) other climate forcers for mitigation pathways exceeding 1.5°C at mid-century and returning below by 2100 with a 66% likelihood. Geophysical characteristics are represented by (c) the magnitude of radiative forcing and (d) the amount of stratospheric SO2 injection that are required to keep the global median temperature below 1.5°C during the temperature overshoot (given by the blue hatching on panel a). SRM surface radiative forcing has been diagnosed using a mean cooling efficiency of 0.3°C (W− m2) of Plazzotta et al. (2018). Magnitude and timing of SO2 injection have been derived from published estimates of Heckendorn et al. (2009) and Robock et al. (2008).