Figure 2.9

Cumulative CDR deployment in 1.5°C-consistent pathways in the literature as reported in the database collected for this assessment until 2050 (panel a) and until 2100 (panel b).

Total CDR comprises all forms of CDR, including AFOLU CDR and BECCS, and, in a few pathways, other CDR measures like DACCS. It does not include CCS combined with fossil fuels (which is not a CDR technology as it does not result in active removal of CO2 from the atmosphere). AFOLU CDR has not been reported directly and is hence represented by means of a proxy: the additional amount of net negative CO2 emissions in the AFOLU sector compared to a baseline scenario (see text for a discussion). ‘Compensatory CO2’ depicts the cumulative amount of CDR that is used to neutralize concurrent residual CO2 emissions. ‘Net negative CO2’ describes the additional amount of CDR that is used to produce net negative CO2 emissions, once residual CO2 emissions are neutralized. The two quantities add up to total CDR for individual pathways (not for percentiles and medians, see Footnote 4).

Original Creation for this Report using IAMC 1.5°C Scenario Data hosted by IIASA