Figure 2.15

Primary energy supply for the four illustrative pathway archetypes plus the IEA’s Faster Transition Scenario (OECD/IEA and IRENA, 2017)371 (panel a), and their relative location in the ranges for pathways limiting warming to 1.5°C with no or limited overshoot (panel b).

The category ‘Other renewables’ includes primary energy sources not covered by the other categories, for example, hydro and geothermal energy. The number of pathways that have higher primary energy than the scale in the bottom panel are indicated by the numbers above the whiskers. Black horizontal dashed lines indicates the level of primary energy supply in 2015 (IEA, 2017e). Box plots in the lower panel show the minimum–maximum range (whiskers), interquartile range (box), and median (vertical thin black line). Symbols in the lower panel show the four pathway archetypes S1 (white square), S2 (yellow square), S5 (black square), LED (white disc), as well as the IEA–(red disc). Pathways with no or limited overshoot included the Below-1.5°C and 1.5°C-low-OS classes.

Original Creation for this Report using IAMC 1.5°C Scenario Data hosted by IIASA